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This site is dedicated to detailed nature spirit discussions and research with photographic proof of their existence.





Nature spirits are very willing to reveal themselves in photos if you ask sincerely from the heart. This site can show you how to see them and understand the way they manifest.



Enjoy the site!

Samantha & Pictoriale.



A warm welcome to all newbies! 

Please visit the newbies section to read the guidelines before posting your photos.  Please do introduce yourself!



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Photographic Phenomena


Pictoriale's photos, which include nature spirits captured in CRYSTAL WORLDS & VIKING GRAVES, can be seen on her:


Photographic Phenomena Website.



Pictoriale has over a decade's experience researching & photographing nature spirits.


Below: Shape Shifting Animals:


The Elemental Kingdom


The Earth is also home to the living beings of the trees, plants and much more. These beings can be photographed in the elements of Water, Fire, Earth & Air.



If supernatural is defined as relating to an existence outside of the natural world, is it appropriate to use this term for the beings who also reside on the Earth?



Check out these photos . . .


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Real Faeries Photos, Fairies



"There are as many species of faeries as there are types of plant life. Each having their own characteristics and behaviours."



"Some have a resemblance to wings and some do not. Some are more friendly to humans than others."



"But few, if any, will show themselves to humanity until they resonate a sincere compassion, respect and kinship with mother Earth. Those that do not resonate on the frequencies of nature will see nothing in the true likeness of faerie."

 - Spirit Guide Sparrow.  





























Nature Spirits Photos - Star Photo



Click here to congratulate Bella on her atmospheric photo titled: 




 To have your photo selected to be displayed here - get creative! 

A quality photo that speaks to us will be chosen to be featured here. Ideal crop dimensions are approx. 550 pixels width, height = irrelevant. You could add frames to your photos for a finishing touch and don't forget to add your watermark.


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Peering Pink Eyes

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Peering Pink Eyes

This was taken just as the sky was turning dark . The only reason i took this photo was because of the strange dark cloud hovering on the horizon .Those pinkish purple eyes were not there when i snapped this photo . There appears to be numbers and…
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"I would also like to add that we can detect illness in the aura before it manifests in the physical body. So keeping a clean aura is key to everyones physical health! :-) "
Terri Shaffer replied to pictoriale's discussion The Electromagnetic spectrum, what we can see with our eyes and what a camera can pick up.
"I feel that we as humans have taught this out of ourselves over our existence here on earth. We really need to connect with this knowledge again and stop treating it like it is magic. Because it really is reality! Love that you mentioned this, so…"
Terri Shaffer replied to pictoriale's discussion The Electromagnetic spectrum, what we can see with our eyes and what a camera can pick up.
"I totally agree....all things have an energy signature. Regardless if they are alive or not. Using all of our "clairs" helps us identify with this. Our energy is vast and very powerful! Using the colors allows us to connect not only…"
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Fire Spirits #2

"OUTSTANDING,, love all of these,this one caught my attention, something i have3 been looking out for, in the photo`s here, at the bottom of the flames sitting opposit the guy with the hat is an insect being  body curled under and little guys…"
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"So besides sending healing and protection energy via touch and through our minds eye, we also sent lots of "balls" of energy into this area...mine were white with golden outer linings...so to get this brilliant image of the sun shining…"
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"just awesome to look at!"
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"so fun!!! just a"
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"my friend and I could hear the elementals crys for help and the things harming them were dark. So we brought the light into this area. We have great power in our energy field and we can use this to manifest positive outcomes. There was a lot of…"
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"Wow, I can see and feel the bad energies in the picture. All of mankind's atificiality and negativity attracts them, and sadly enough that energy that surrounds our mother earth grows strongly every day... Glad you were able to help though!"
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"that is a fair description of what i witnessed recently, shocking and repulsive ,i have been seeig glimpses of similar goings on closer to home for a few years, little episodes of cruelty in the distance, allways in the same group of trees, a slow…"
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Nature Spirits Looking At You!

Amongst those below, can you make out one particular gnome with his head titled slightly as he looks at the camera?


Say, 'Hello,' to Mr Snooki!



The longer you look at the images, the more beings you will see.






About Nature Spirits

Here we provide photographic evidence to the existence of nature spirits and have many in depth discussions about these beings.

They can be beautiful, mischievous, mysterious, hypnotic and have a total passion for hats.  

We hope this site will give you a better understanding about what they really look like, as opposed to fixed impressions and preconceived ideas about their appearance.  Studying nature spirit photos can attune you to their energies.


They can be miniscule or giant & the smaller usually make up the larger. As they are often translucent, the beings at the front do not necessarily 'block out' the beings behind them or anything else in the background either.


We like to avoid terminolgy as there are so many names, e.g. goblins, trolls & ogres which is slotting them into pigeon holes and linked to much nonsense written about them. We keep it simple with terms like grassies, rockies & leafies.


Some of the photos may make you question reality as walls and forests seem entirely made of up nature spirits - they don't appear physical at all as if you could walk right through them. 


 If you have any thoughts, theories, questions or experiences with nature spirits, it would be great to hear from you!


We are always happy to examine your photos. Please feel free to start a discussion or ask any questions in the forum. 


Blessings, Samantha & Pictoriale.



Can You See Nature Spirits / The Elementals?


Can you see a spiral wand being held in the photo below?




We have cropped out some ethereal vehicles spotted in our photos. Below it appears some beings are in a little boat:



Below are ripples in a river, but can you actually see any ripples - or just them!?


Ground-breaking photo proof that communication with these beings is two-way as demonstrated by them showing
1,2,3 and manifesting letters of the alphabet too when ASKED if they could.  All this and more in Pictoriale's water research thread, titled:


More thought-form manifestation / telepathy experiments:



Nature Spirits Research By Pictoriale

Roughly nine years ago I began to focus on nature spirits. I found them cropping up in my photos constantly, drawing my attention to them.


A lot of my photos appeared distorted wih movement blur and I put this down to my error initially, until when examining them closely I discovered I was seeing nature spirits everywhere in them.


In water for example:



I could not always see them very clearly and sometimes had to scour each photo to see them. I also discovered early on, it is not necessarily the sharp, clear photograph that will produce the nature spirits for you to see. Actually they will appear more readily in somewhat blurred photos.


These beings are not physical, so in expecting really crystal clear, sharp images of them, you may be severely disappointed.


I had no pre-conceived ideas about what to see as I was not actively looking for them. The majority of my sightings are en-masse, only rarely do I find a singular, well defined and what appears to be a physical manifestation occuring.


I see mainly human type figures- that is, a head, two arms, two legs. most are clothed, many of the male figures wear hats (for some reason) the male beings appear to outnumber the females considerably. Skin, hair, clothing colours all depend on where the nature spirits are in nature.


This is how they appear to me, but for you they may present themselves a little differently.


Below is a photograph of a patch of sky. Can you notice if you look into the photo, people, shapes and faces looking back? This is how I view energy:



More photos on my Photographic Phenonema Website. - Pictoriale.

Nature Spirit Photography - Energy Movement Can Cause 'Blurring'

About the blurring effect with nature spirit photography.


These photos are not 'ORDINARY' photos of how reality is usually perceived.

They are manifested beings from another dimension who can physically manipulate the environment.

Natural blurring sometimes occurs when photographing them which is caused by their presence, movement and manifestation - and the connection between them and the photographer.



Blurring is NOT added to the photos and should not be written off as a photography error or an out-of-focus shot.

The photo below is of a tree at dusk and may on first impression look blurry. Take a closer look - there are beings manifesting.

Does it look and feel physical to you? Nature spirits can bend light to enter and leave our dimension.









Nature spirits can be very nosey, LOL!


Look at this one peeking through Pictoriale's window:


Real Fairy Photos, Real Faeries, Learn How To Photograph Fairies



The photo below shows a small area of a blossom tree. If you focus on the greyish areas, can you see female fae? There are others present too.






With Nature Spirits, "Two-Faced" Takes On New Meaning!



Crystal Worlds - Beings Of Crystals Under A USB Microscope




Featured Photos



View Featured Photos





Peeking Nature Spirits





"Faeries are to plants and flowers what spirit guides are to human beings. They nurture them into being all they can be in their highest potential."

- Spirit Guide Sparrow.


Preconceived Ideas About Nature Spirits


Preconceived ideas as to what nature spirits look like may prevent you seeing what they really look like.



You may be blind to their energies at first if you have never seen elemental energy before. They fade in and out of our dimension by thought and will alone.



In photos, they manifest in a mass, rarely as a singularly defined being.

They manifest in a 3-D effect, a layering effect - a natural hologram - the photos have depth - so separating them can be a task when they are translucent.

Moon Phase


Multi-Dimensional & Inter-Dimensional Beings






































Hair Elementals:













Unique Visits



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